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Jul 18, 2019

We've all been there. We think one little irrational thought and concern quickly erupts into a giant mountain of a problem and then we worry, stress, and create panic within us. This is catastrophizing, my friends, and it isn't pretty. Learn why this habit of thinking IS harmful to you and how you can stop feeling like...

Jul 12, 2019

Blaming others is easy but it never solves the problem. No one wins at playing the blame game, so why do we still do it? Come learn how to kick the blaming habit for good and find out what the ultimate power move is instead. 

Mar 7, 2019

How many times a week do you think, "this is so hard!" Sometimes in life we have to do hard things and the way we approach it makes a huge difference in our lives and what we create for ourselves. Tune in today to hear two questions to ask yourself when those "this is so hard" times come up for you. 

Feb 27, 2019

Every single one of us struggles with something. We each have our own unique trials and "pain" that we're experiencing but sometimes, a lot of the time, we minimize our pain. We tell ourselves we shouldn't feel that way because it's not as "big" as others but this doesn't diminish what you're feeling. Today I want to...

Jan 31, 2019

When you think about your life, your past, your story, we tend to reside on one of three levels. Tune in this week to find out which level you're currently on, which level offers you the most freedom, and what level you WANT to be on.